Growing Pains

I have big plans for this blog.

I have been posting articles here and here, as well as on Facebook from time to time.  I also have my regular website, which I hope to migrate to this one eventually.

But for now, I am getting the framework put together for this blog:

  • I am planning an almost infinite set of entries on various foods around the world, particularly those that we find in our ethnic markets here in the U.S.  We have come a long way in the past few decades, in terms of choices in our grocery stores, due in large part to the immigrant populations. Still, most Americans are unfamiliar with fruits and vegetables beyond our short list (most of which are heavily treated with pesticides):
    • bananas (this is a topic for another post)
    • corn (which is highly genetically modified)
    • tomatoes (I could go on and on about commercially available tomatoes)
    • potatoes (totally infiltrated with toxic chemicals, then we most often deep fry them, destroying any nutrition)
    • iceberg lettuce (which loses most of its nutrition within a couple of hours of harvest)
    • oranges (known for the ‘gas chamber’ that allows them to be picked and shipped green)
    • apples (which are waxed and ‘preserved with a potent neurotoxin).
    • seasonal fruits (like peaches, cherries, blueberries and strawberries) which we demand be available throughout the year, requiring a TON of technology.
  • Another project in the works is a list of blog carnivals related to foods and nutrition. I am looking for lots of reader input on this project.
  • From time to time, I will post excerpts from my healthy living classes (available by email here).
  • Of course, I will be sharing my ruminations on health, including lifestyle, informed consent, and food issues.
  • This list, I am sure, will grow as time and inspiration permit. 🙂


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